Touring Kansas

There are multiple historic sites to visit in and around Council Grove. The history of the area is diverse. Some of the towns the paved loops will visit include Cottonwood Falls, Strong City, White City, Wilsey, Herington, and Dwight (among others). Paved road riders will also have the opportunity to visit the historic Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

Gravel loops will include historical sites surrounding the Santa Fe Trail including ghost towns and Santa Fe trail crossings. Most of these places you can only get to on gravel and are not seen from the highway. There will be stops at Allegawaho Heritage Memorial Park (site of the Kaw Indian Reservation), railroad ghost towns, Santa Fe trail ruts and creek crossings, and a ghost town founded by Exodusters in the late 1800s. The gravel routes will also ride through Cottonwood Falls, Strong City, Wilsey, and Allen (among others).

A more detailed description of the routes (mileage, maps, and historic sites to see) will be updated this spring, so stay tuned to the Cottonwood 200 website and Facebook page for additional updates. The current routes posted were planned with the known road construction projects in mind, but changes may be necessary if additional (previously unknown) construction begins. If any changes are made, we will announce it on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and post the new routes here.