Ride Guide

Top 5 reasons for riding the Cottonwood 200:

  1. Stopping at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
  2. Bicycling through the beauty and challenge of the Flint Hills
  3. Visiting many historic sites of the Old West
  4. Enjoying the incredible SAG stops, meals, and support
  5. Finding new cycling companions among all the friendly bikers

Packing List

The following is a suggested (but not all encompassing) list of things to pack:


Credit Card and Cash for food/snacks/massages/gifts/misc.
I.D. and medical information card, if required
Toiletries – soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc.
Sleeping bag
Covid vaccination record, masks (if using or staying in the high school)

Mobile phone (although coverage will be spotty at times in the Flint Hills)
Ear plugs
Book/Magazine for reading
Camping gear (for sleeping in gym or outside)
Air mattress
Tent/Rain Fly (if camping outside)

Bike Gear:

2-3 pairs bike shorts
2-3 jerseys/tops
2-3 pairs socks
2 water bottles or a hydration pack (or both)
Seat bag with spare tube, patch kit, and tire irons
Mini air pump/Co2 Cartridges
Tights and Jacket (or similar cool weather gear)
Biking shoes or other comfortable footwear
Rain gear
Sunblock lotion

Clothing for after the ride:

1 pair jeans
1-2 pairs shorts
2-3 t-shirts/casual shirts
1 sweatshirt/light jacket
3 pair undies & socks
street/tennis shoes